Retractable Awning Valance Styles

We offer 6 different valance styles for our retractable patio awnings.  The hemmed valance with no braid is the most popular selection but feel free to choose any design that fits your style.

The decorative valance serves two purposes.  The first is to hide the arms when the awning is in the retracted or closed position.  The second is to provide additional sun protection from early morning or late afternoon sun.

The standard valance height is 8”, but is also available in 6”, 10” or 12” depending on our clients’ preferences.  The six available valance styles are:

  • Straight with hem
  • Straight with braid
  • Classic
  • Wave
  • Euro
  • Greek

In all styles except straight with hem, a solution dyed acrylic braid is sewn to the bottom of the valance to prevent fabric fraying and for accent.  If a striped fabric is selected the valance design will be aligned with the stripe.

We order all retractable patio awnings with a decorative valance.  If our clients decide that they do not like the look of the decorative valance it is easily removable.  The end cap of the front bar can removed by loosening a few screws.  The valance can slide off the front bar and the cap replaced. 

These clients selected a wave valance with aquamarine braid to complement this navy blue retractable patio awning.

Each retractable patio awning comes with choice of six valance styles and 49 braid colors. What custom retractable awning valance style would you choose?

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