Customer Adjustable Pitch For Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings can be set a variety of pitches or angles depending on the client’s needs. This function is normally an added option on most other brands of retractable awnings. Our Rainier Shade retractable patio awnings up to 20′ wide come standard with customer adjustable pitch. This allows the client to easily adjust the pitch of the awning depending on the position of the sun, needed head room or direction of desired water run-off. These clients, located on the Sawgrass Country Club course, had issues with late afternoon sun beating down on their lanai and indoor spaces. They easily adjust the retractable awnings to a steep pitch with just a few twists and protect their home from the hot Florida sun.

1. Hook Up the Hand Crank

Hook up the included hand crank through the adjustable pitch eye loop to raise or lower the front pitch bar. The eye loop simplifies the process of adjusting your retractable awning pitch with one easy step. No additional tools are needed. The mechanism allows you to easily adjust the angular pitch of the awning’s front bar for optimal shade coverage.

2. Turn the hand crank to raise or lower the front pitch bar

The slope of your retractable may need to be adjusted depending on the time of day. For this reason alone, the process should be swift and simple. Other brands offer an adjustable pitch in a more complicated multi-step process that may involve the use of a ladder and small hand tools.

3. Repeat the step on each of the Easy Pitch loops

Going up ladders with small hand tools to make these necessary adjustments is potentially hazardous. The Rainier Shade adjustable pitch mechanism allows you to stay on the ground and out of harm’s way.

A retractable awning with customer adjustable makes it fast, safe and simple. Visit our website for find out more information about retractable awnings or contact us today at (904)395-1850.