Preparing For Hurricanes

Living in Florida means dealing with Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. When a storm is approaching your area, follow recommendations made by local authorities in preparing your home.

If you have power screens installed, we recommend retracting into the open position in advance of bad weather. Power screens cannot be operated without power. In event of a power outage the screens could be stuck in the down or closed position. Although our power screens are rated for high winds, they are not designed to handle tropical storm or hurricane force winds. Screens would also be susceptible from damage from flying objects. If you want to be able to operate your screens during a power outage it is recommended that you purchase a portable power station from a local hardware store.

Retractable awnings need to be retracted and left in the closed position during home storm preparation. This should be done before bad weather and winds arrive. Do not rely on the wind sensor to automatically retract the awning when winds arrive. Hand cranks and remotes should be stored inside. Our retractable awnings come with a manual override which allows the awning to be extended and retracted by hand crank if power is not available.

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