Roof awning

Roof Mount Retractable Awnings

Do you have a low roof line?  Have you been told that you do not have room for a retractable awning?  First Coast Shade has the option of mounting special roof mount brackets to the roof and then attaching the retractable awning to them.  The roof mount brackets usually add an additional 18” (minimum) clearance to the retractable awning.

These clients have a wonderful remodeled home in Old Ponte Vedra that was built in 1965 when flatter style roofs were the norm.  Because the soffit was only about 8’ of the ground, installing a soffit mounted awning would mean the awning’s “arms” would be about 7’.  Even though this gives plenty of clearance for most people to walk under, it can make the area feel smaller and more closed in.

We installed (2) 20’ wide units each with a 12’ projection.  This provides the clients with almost 500 square feet of additional shade for the open lanai area.  The Rainier Shade awnings also provide much needed shade to the interior of the home in the afternoons.  The clients choose Sunbrella fabric in Crest Ash to blend with their outdoor living area furnishings.

With this home only being ½ mile to the beach these clients needed a product that was easy to prep in the event of a pending storm or hurricane.  A stationary or fixed awning would require hours of prep to remove the cover from the frame.  The retractable awnings just need to be stored in the retracted or closed position.  The Somfy remote opens and closes the awning in less than 1 minute.