Outdoor living

Stop Biting Insects!

No-See-Ums are also referred to as Biting Midges, Biting Gnats, or Sand Flies. With grayish or yellowish bodies, the adults resemble but are smaller than mosquitoes.. In fact, they are so small they can get through normal screens on windows and doors.  Our retractable screens are available with a 20×20 screen (20 strands in each direction of the weave) that essentially stops No-See-Ums and other biting insects.

Besides causing painful bites, they can also be vectors of diseases, particularly in tropical regions like Florida.  These pests are very well-known among anybody that spends time outdoors in our area especially around dusk.

These clients recently built their dream home complete with French doors opening onto the lanai.  During beautiful weather they were unable to leave open their lanai doors because there are no screens on the doors.  They could not enjoy their outdoor living area due to pesky No-See-Ums in the evening hours, but didn’t like the feel of permanent screens closing off the patio from the rest of the outdoor area and play space.

With the installation of (3) retractable screens from Rainier Shade, the homeowners can now leave their French doors wide open on cool days and enjoy the breeze or enjoy the lanai at any time of day without ever worrying about insects again.  They selected the rails’ and square cassettes’ powder coat finish in bright white to blend in seamlessly with the trim on the columns.  Each unit has a Somfy Maestria motor and is operated with a Somfy weatherproof remote individually or as a group.

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