Water and Shock Resistant Remote

The Somfy Telis Patio RTS RF Remote Control is a water an shock resistant version of the Somfy Telis remote collection – available in 1 or 5 channels.  The Somfy Telis RTS remote control communicates with all Somfy RTS RF controllable devices. The Telis 1 is a 1 channel RF remote that can control one motorized unit while the Telis 4 is a 5 channel RF remote that can control up to 4 units individually and as a group. On a 5 channel remote, each channel is individually selectable and you set the channels up the way you want. The Telis remote controls Up, Down, Stop and customer preferred position commands.

Somfy Telis Patio RTS RF Remote Specifications:
   •  Style / Color: Patio / White & Blue
   •  Water and Shock Resistant
   •  Communicates with all Somfy RTS RF Technology Devices
   •  65 Foot Range
   •  Dimensions: 4.75″ L x 1.75″ W x 0.75″ H
   •  Includes wall hook and mounting hardware

All of our motorized retractable awnings and power retractable screens come with a Somfy Telis Patio Remote.  We include the Somfy Telis Patio remote with all of our installations to provide peace of mind for our clients.  The water and shock resistant remote can be left outdoors in all weather or even used while floating in the pool.  No one wants to worry each day if they brought the remote in, especially in our summer weather of daily afternoon rainstorms.

Somfy Telis Patio remotes operate on a 2430 battery, easily accessible by unscrewing a panel on the back of the remote.  The 2430 is a small coin sized battery available at Amazon, CVS, Home Depot and similar big box stores.

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